Our process

We help our clients grow with cutting-edging technologies, extravagant designs, and innovative software solutions.

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Step 1 - Discovery

Our creative heads discuss the project with your teams to evaluate the key features of the product and give it a real shape, aligning the product with business goals

Step 2. Design

We build products with the highest user engagement, solving real problems, and infusing business growth. Our products are designed to stimulate desired user behaviors.

Step 3. Development

We write bullet-proof code that runs smoothly and securely across multiple platforms.

Step 4. Testing

We take Quality Assurance very seriously. Each project we take on goes through numerous iterations of testing to ensure smooth performance, user-friendliness, and bulletproof security.

Step 5. Launch

Once the software is built, tested, and approved by the client, we will take it live. However, deploying software is not the end of the road. Instead, the OutCode team will ensure the solution corresponds with user expectations, often called User Acceptance Testing

Step 6. Maintenance

Finally, after the new software is live and working properly,OutCode also offers long-term maintenance services. These include cybersecurity, troubleshooting, operating system updates, feature and design improvement, and more.

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